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October 31, 2023

LifeProven announces the appointment of its latest project lead.

ESG Data

Alexandra Sicot-Koontz

LifeProven, the pioneering ESG property consultancy, announces the appointment of its latest project lead.

Alexandra Sicot-Koontz will focus on writing bespoke ESG stakeholder reports and the overseeing the on-going ESG measurement advice given to LifeProven’s rapidly growing roster of clients. She will also take responsibility for the analysis of future sustainability trends and legislation in the ESG space.

The French-American Sicot-Koontz studied history and political science at the Institut Catholique de Paris, before completing a masters in conservation studies at the University of St.Andrews, Scotland. She moved to London to take up a trainee consultant position at the sustainability investment financing company Conservation Capital before joining Evora Global as a consultant specialising in sustainability. Sicot-Koontz expects that, through LifeProven, her career will continue to have a strong social element at its core - “because so many jobs expect you to leave your humanity at the door”.

“What also interested me about the role was the fact that LifeProven implements bespoke strategy that leads to tangible results for its clients,” adds Sicot-Koontz.

“Sustainability is such a fascinating and important topic but confusing for organisations new to it and still often a tick-box exercise for others, with less emphasis on the concrete. Crucially an agile, focused business like LifeProven is able to bridge the gap between big ideals and the realities on the ground, because businesses increasingly want to know not what looks good but what is actually actionable.”

Sicot-Koontz says she also welcomes the opportunity to join a still small company on its way up. “It’s still personal, with less obstructive infrastructure, so there’s a sense that you can really get things done,” she enthuses. “It’s great to be able to deal with and work directly with the founders, and to be able to see the value you hope to provide in real time.”

Co-founder of LifeProven, Jordan Relfe, explains that Sicot-Koontz was appointed in direct response to several large commissions for stakeholder reporting.

“We wanted someone who was able to interpret, analyse and communicate effectively,” he says. “Other companies in the ESG space may provide lots of data but we aim to stand out - and win new clients - through an ability to clearly say what it means. Data is fine - but interpretation is vital for clients to actually make use of it, and Alexandra will be key to providing that.”