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We collect, analyse and interpret ESG data to drive informed decision making that that meets your company's ESG related KPIs holistically.

ESG Data

ESG measurement when data drives outcomes

ESG, at its heart, is about transparently measuring environmental, social and governance performance through accurate data capture. LifeProven believes the best data shows the world how companies and assets are performing - in line with their top level ESG goals and KPIs.

That’s the ideal world. In practice it’s often harder. Corporate goals, commerciality and measuring ESG aren’t always the best of friends. But they should be, because ultimately they all align to grow both greener businesses and greener capital of every kind.

We believe data collection, or data auditing is an ongoing process, evolving as the market and regulations evolve. An environmental impact assessment ten years from now will likely be very different from today. 

Because we understand future policy integration, changing pressures and the changing world of data you need to assimilate, we can offer solutions that match the true depth of what ESG analysis is all about.

We deliver an end-to-end service across all ESG requirements, we know what data is required to meet outlined targets, and we know how to own the bad data, converting this into a positive evolution for the company or asset.

The benefits include:

  • We will mitigate risks through identifying data gaps / issues
  • We will improve performance by identifying opportunities
  • We will demonstrate commitment and progress on ESG principles

Our services include:

  • Data collection and management
    Collecting relevant ESG data from a variety of sources, establishing data collection processes, ensuring data accuracy and developing frameworks to organise and manage captured data effectively. 
  • ESG performance metrics and benchmarking
    Developing tailored ESG performance metrics and benchmarks, aligning KPIs with industry benchmarks.
  • Data analysis and interpretation
    Analysing and interpreting ESG data to uncover trends, patterns and correlations. Highlighting strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in relation to ESG performance.
  • ESG risk assessment
    Identifying risks in relation to ESG, and assisting you in understanding and mitigating these.
  • Materiality assessment
    Prioritising the most significant ESG risks for you across stakeholders and industry.
  • Integration of ESG into Investment Analysis
    Supporting  the integration of ESG factors into investment analysis and decision-making  processes.
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement
    Establishing systems for continuous monitoring of ESG performance through bespoke online dashboards.

The ESG data we collect:

Environmental energy usage & efficiency measuresBuilding occupant health and wellbeing (RE Wellbeing Metric)Board composition, independence, and diversity
Water usage and conservation practicesHealth and safety records and incidentsExecutive compensation and incentive structures
Greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprintStakeholder engagement activities and feedback mechanismsAnti-corruption policies and procedures
Waste generation, recycling, and waste management practicesCommunity engagement initiatives and partnershipsEthics and compliance programs
Renewable energy utilisation and potentialSocial impact assessment and contributions to local communitiesData privacy and security measures
Indoor air quality and ventilation ratesSupply chain management and responsible sourcing practicesRisk management and internal control systems
Hazardous material usage and managementCorporate governance policies and codes of conduct
Environmental permits and compliance recordsReturn on investment for sustainability initiatives
Cost savings achieved through energy efficiency measures
Financial impact of ESG risks and opportunities
Economic contributions to local economies
Building certifications
Maintenance issues

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ESG Data

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