RE Wellbeing Metric

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Our Real Estate Wellbeing Metric; shepherding a new era of social impact.

RE Wellbeing Metric

Our Real Estate Wellbeing Metric; shepherding a new era of social impact

Here at LifeProven, we know that social impact, the ‘S’ in ESG, is largely measured by how your operations and assets influence people. 

Understandably then, this can be among the hardest of the three ESG pillars to quantify. People are complex; wellbeing measurement is no simple task. It could be influenced by the amount of light in a building, or by the trees planted outside. ESG metrics within the built environment are complicated, and we will help you navigate the challenges. 

We are fascinated by the host of metrics that matter for the health, wellbeing and quality of life of your asset’s occupants. 

Therefore, we have developed ‘The Real Estate Wellbeing Metric’, a tool specific to measuring and monitoring the positive wellbeing benefits of your portfolio, bespoke to you and your assets.

Using it, we can deeply interrogate information on demographics, income, physical activity, nutrition and the mental health of your occupants. 

We then compare these against physical elements, such as design quality, amenities and location, to construct a complex ESG metric for quality of life.

The benefits:

  • We will help you understand, demonstrate and enhance the health of your occupants
  • We will boost commercial performance, through increased asset demand and tenancy lengths
  • We will provide marketing opportunities and enhance your reputation

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RE Wellbeing Metric

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