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Social Impact in Real Estate

Demand for health & wellbeing in property has evolved. Stakeholders at every level now require proof for how the properties they provide positively influence the health and wellbeing of the people who spend their time in them  


As a result, funds, investors, developers, asset managers and contractors are experiencing the need to evidence how the building environments they design, build or operate, positively impact occupants’ lives overtime


With the rise in ESG, this demand is only increasing


LifeProven deliver the world's first data science based survey platform which measures how your building environments influence the health, wellbeing & quality of life of your occupants over time, so you can report the positive Social Impact of your assets, enhance your assets operation & inform your new build delivery


Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing are now also becoming increasingly important to our tenants and so we must prove to them that we actively consider these elements when designing, developing and operating their residences   


Paul Oliver
CEO Curlew Capital European Investment & Development Management Fund 

The Global Problem with Social Impact in Real Estate

Currently, it is easy for a real estate company to report their environmental impact to their stakeholders, demonstrating the positive sustainable performance of their portfolio. This is achieved by defining their environmental objective such as 'we are a net zero carbon portfolio' and having Environmental KPI's which are used to measure and report their performance i.e. the portfolio's annual water consumption, energy usage, wastage, greenhouse gas emissions etc


This recognised measurement process against defined KPI's empowers real estate companies with the data insights they need to communicate their positive environmental impact and consistently optimise the performance of their assets, instilling the trust of investors, stakeholders and customers, as well as wider industry reputation



More than ever before, successful real estate businesses are people focused. People have an elevated and sharper role in business strategies. Understanding people is key to success, it adds value and provides a competitive edge. It will also influence the design, delivery, and operation of buildings. Happy customers are the best route to stable income and happy people are good for business

Brendan Geraghty
Founder – Centred Architecture

Unlike environmental impact, real estate companies are unable to measure, report and communicate the Social Impact of their portfolio on the people who occupy them. Real estate companies can define their Social Objective such as 'our homes improve wellbeing’, however, beyond this aspirational objective are no Social Impact KPI's that are used to measure and report how their portfolio actually influences their customers wellbeing over time

For the industry's leading companies providing socially impactful assets which truly enhance customer wellbeing, not measuring this is a significant missed opportunity to communicate positive Social Impact. Typically only reporting anti-bribery, diversity & inclusion and volunteering hours is not the complete benefit the industry deserves. Without measuring wellbeing impact, any real estate provider can make 'marketing claims' they deliver socially impactful properties, even if they do not, making it difficult for investors and customers to identify who the industries leading companies truly are

By actively and consistently measuring how property influences the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the people who use them, the industry can make seismic steps forward in the reporting, management and delivery of socially impactful real estate assets. LifeProven help you do this 

The Social Impact Measurement Process  

On a foundation of peer-reviewed academic research, LifeProven uses a world leading data science process to comprehensively measure the impact of real estate on occupant health, wellbeing & quality of life, providing actionable data insights for better business performance


social objectives aligned to client’s ESG strategy, establishing client specific measurable Key Performance Indicators for Social Impact


a client specific building occupant survey comprising property and health and wellbeing metrics, benchmarked to internationally validated outcome measures


and communicate with building occupants to participate in survey, issued via QR code, SMS, e-mail or smart phone app


of building occupant survey responses to establish scientific correlations between property and occupant health and wellbeing using robust data science analysis

Macro Analysis. Micro Understanding.

Our measurement process is bespoke to each client, real-estate use class, location, target demographic, objective(s) and ESG social impact strategy. This provides real estate clients a multitude of actionable insights by cross analysis of data by occupant age, gender, income, physical activity, nutrition, anxiety, depression, quality of life as well as type of property, design feature(s), location, amenities and operation

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Enhance your reporting, management and delivery outcomes by measuring. LifeProven support you to enhance the Social and Financial Impact of your property assets via a vertically integrated sequence of services:

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Objectively inform your future development designs and operational strategies to ensure occupant wellbeing and health is optimised and supported using a measurable standard, supported by LifeProven’s boutique wellbeing and delivery consultancy services


Drive asset operational performance by pin-pointing the direct impacts of your property assets on occupant wellbeing, providing objectivity in management decisions through adaption and optimisation strategies


Uniquely and strategically report the measured health and wellbeing benefits of your property assets within annual ESG Social Impact, CSR, Sustainability and Project Reports to your stakeholders, investors and customers against defined KPI’s

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The LifeProven Team is a combination of industry leading, national and internationally recognised experts who share a common goal, to create and deliver properties that improve human health and optimise development outcomes for both the asset owner and occupant



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Brendan Geraghty 

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LifeProven Data Scientist Dr Brendon Stubbs awarded World's Number 1 Academic Researcher for Mental Health in 2019

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LifeProven Director Adam Hinds awarded finalist for Estates Gazette Rising Star Award in 2020


LifeProven was recognised as a RICS Tech Partner in 2021


LifeProven presented at the European Healthcare Design Awards in 2021