Enhancing Financial & Social Development Value

through Wellbeing Focused Professional Services

LifeProven combines traditional Project Management & Quantity Surveying services with its Award Winning Wellbeing Advisory,  supporting Property Providers to deliver built environments that enhance their Development Value and Social Impact


Why Wellbeing in Professional Services?


Because every single building environment directly and indirectly influences the physical health & mental wellbeing of its occupants. 


And the longer one resides in this environment, the greater the influence on their Healthy Life Expectancy....


but it's not all Health benefits, there are significant Operational & Financial benefits for Property Providers too.

LifeProven Project Delivery Process


By comprehensively understanding the impact physical assets have on end-user health and wellbeing, LifeProven is able to guide its clients at each stage of the project delivery cycle on how their design and budget can be maximised and protected to create more marketable and successful built assets.


Standard Project Delivery Stages

LifeProven Project Management & Quantity Surveying Services

LifeProven Wellbeing Advisory Services


About us


The LifeProven Team is a combination of industry leading, national and internationally recognised experts;
who share a common goal  to create and deliver properties which improve human health and optimise development outcomes for both the asset woner and occupant. 

The LifeProven Team consists of Data Scientists, Health Experts, Academic Researchers alongside Property Delivery Experts in Project, Development and Cost Management to create an end to end Wellbeing Property Consultancy. 


Please feel free to contact the Team for any Project, Collaboration, Investment, Development or Press related queries.

Professor Brendon Stubbs
Data Scientist

Jordan Relfe MRICS

07745 537 935

Adam Hinds

07761 080 806

LifeProven Data Scientist Dr Brendon Stubbs awarded 

World's Number 1 Academic Researcher for Mental Health in 2019

LifeProven Project Manager Adam Hinds awarded finalist for 
Estates Gazette Rising Star Award in 2020

Wellbeing Property Consultancy is an evidence based business which uses scientific analysis methodology as the foundation for decision making to Deliver property specifically to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life outcomes to occupants, improving development outcomes for asset owners and occupants