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LifeProven was founded to combine the best Academic Research & Property Consultancy Services; to help Deliver buildings that elevate the Health & Wellbeing of its occupants, to extend their Healthy Lifespan


End-User Wellbeing focused Professional Delivery Services:





  • Temporary Accommodation

  • Social Housing 

  • Private Rented Sector 

  • Co-Living 

  • Student Accommodation 

  • Private Residential 

  • Commercial 

  • Hotels 

Why Wellbeing in Property?

Because every single building environment directly and indirectly influences the physical Health & mental Wellbeing of its occupants. 

and the longer one resides in this environment, the greater the influence on

their Healthy Life Expectancy....

but it's not all Health benefits, there are significant Operational & Financial benefits for

Property Providers too: 


Consistently attracting new and retaining existing residents to your property is the core requirement for the financial success of every property business model.

However, an ongoing challenge faced by providers, such as yourself is the requirement to continually evolve your properties and property services to repeatedly position yourselves ahead of the market as the most attractive accommodation solution in the customer's eye. 

The best way for all residential property providers to stay ahead of competitors and ensure long term financial success is to focus efforts on providing home environments that are designed and operated specifically to improve residents quality of life, so the longer they reside in your home, the happier, healthier and better quality of life they experience.

Not only does the creation of wellbeing focused home environment improve your ability to attract new residents, it also increases customer satisfaction, resident overall life span whilst reducing   depression, anxiety, stress, complaints, damages and voids. 

By focusing on designing and operating properties for better wellbeing, the outcomes ensure prospective customers are more likely to be attracted to your property and are more likely to reside for a longer period of time. Resulting in greater market demand and happier long term occupants leading to better operational and financial portfolio performance.

By using Wellbeing Property Analytics, your portfolio can be designed, delivered and operated to improve wellbeing.

Long-term success for any business is reliant on the quality and output of the employment force who drive it on a daily basis; therefore consistently attracting the best employment talent, retaining them for as long as possible and providing them with working environments to optimise their productivity is fundamental for continued corporate success. 

However, an ongoing challenge faced by employers, such as yourself is the requirement to continually evolve your office environment, culture and overall employment offering to position yourself as the most attractive employment option in the eyes of the top employee targets.

The best way to continually attract and retain the best employment talent is to focus efforts on providing office environments that are designed and operated specifically to improve employee wellbeing; so the longer they are in your environment the happier, healthier and better quality of life they experience. 

Not only does the creation of wellbeing focused environments improve your ability to attract your ideal employees, it also increases productivity, focus, overall life span as well as reducing sickness, sick leave and depression.


By creating wellbeing focused corporate environments, employees are more likely to be attracted to your business, resulting in greater productivity and retention leading to better long term business performance. 

By using Wellbeing Property Analytics, your corporate environments can be designed, delivered and operated to improve wellbeing. 


How Wellbeing is Integrated

LifeProven Wellbeing Framework

When integrated correctly, Wellbeing doesn’t need to be an expensive ‘bolt-on’ or ‘tick-box’ feature of a project.


Through a greater understanding, Wellbeing can be seamlessly integrated at any stage to enhance the building elements which have the greatest benefit to end-users Health & Wellbeing, whilst maintaining financial viability.


- Jordan Relfe LifeProven Co-Founder

LifeProven adopt a bespoke and tailored approach to accurately Deliver buildings for better Wellbeing outcomes through Quantity Surveying and Project Management services.

The bespoke project delivery approach starts with the LifeProven Wellbeing Framework, which is the foundation to creating better Wellbeing in properties.

The Framework is a culmination of the best Academic Research and Data Science analysis methodologies possible, defining the different elements of the built environment which have an influence on occupant Health & Wellbeing; and breaking these down in to 7 core Pillars. 

The Framework is used initially to guide the Project Brief and then used to support the Professional Design Team with their design and services to deliver properties that are proven to elevate end-user Health & Wellbeing.

Academic Research

LifeProven Wellbeing Framework 








Project Brief

Project Delivery

Quantity Surveying & Project Management

Access to Natural Daylight

The second strongest design aspect associated with better quality of life; optimised through window design & bouncing light with interior materials

Access to Green Space

The fourth strongest design aspect associated with better quality of life; benefits from nature can be achieved internally through indoor planting  

Wellbeing Through RIBA Stages

Wellbeing through RIBA Stages 

LifeProven combine the Wellbeing Framework with traditional Professional Services at any RIBA Stage to Deliver buildings with optimal Social and Financial value. 

RIBA Stage

Quantity Surveying

Feasibility and Appraisal

Cost Estimate of Works

Wellbeing Framework Vs Cost

Cost Planning of Works

Procurement and Tendering

Contract Award

Financial Monitoring of Works

Final Account

Project Management

Project Brief and Objective

Project Execution Plan

Design Team Coordination

Planning Delivery

Contract Administration or EA


 Post Occupancy Monitoring

Wellbeing through the Delivery Stages 


Use the LifeProven Wellbeing Framework to guide the Project Brief, Project Objectives and Development Business Case to set the foundation to Deliver a building(s) which improves the Health & Wellbeing of end-user occupants. 

RIBA Stage

0 - 2


Use the Wellbeing Property Framework in conjunction with Quantity Surveying and Project Management services to Deliver project viability, buildability and operational performance.   

RIBA Stage

3 - 6


Use the LifeProven Wellbeing Framework to consistently measure the Wellbeing Performance of your completed properties through Wellbeing Post Occupancy Monitoring, enabling greater understanding of Operational and Financial Performance as a result of enhanced end-user Health & Wellbeing.

RIBA Stage


About Us

The LifeProven Team is a combination of industry leading and international experts who share a common goal; to create and deliver properties which improve human Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life. 

The LifeProven Team consists of Data Scientists, Health Experts, Academic Researchers alongside Property Delivery Experts in Project, Development and Cost Management to create an end to end Wellbeing Property Consultancy. 

Wellbeing Property Consultancy:


Is an evidence based business which uses scientific analysis methodology as the foundation for decision making to Deliver property specifically to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life outcomes to occupants, extending their healthy life span.  

LifeProven Data Scientist Dr Brendon Stubbs awarded 

World's Number 1 Academic Researcher for Mental Health in 2019




Contact the Team

Please feel free to contact the Team for any Project, Collaboration, Investment, Development or Press related queries. 

Dr Brendon Stubbs
Data Scientist

Academic Researcher

Jordan Relfe MRICS

Cost Manager

07745 537 935

Adam Hinds

Project Manager 07761 080 806

LifeProven is one of 60 high profile organisation signatories to launch a landmark shared vision to make England the best country in the world to grow old.  


LifeProven collaborate with the signatories such as the Department for Health and Social Care, NHS England, Centre for Ageing Better and Public Health England High to improve healthy ageing through better housing