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We will create and advise you on bespoke Corporate ESG Strategies to communicate the positive benefits you deliver to people and the planet, demonstrating corporate resilience.

We will also create and advise on ESG Development Strategies, ensuring your assets’ design, construction and operation will achieve every corporate commitment.

Strategising Sustainability Success

ESG Strategy

ESG strategy is the very beginning of a client's ESG story and journey. LifeProven can partner with you, to establish baselines on where you are currently well-aligned on ESG, plus where improvements can be made, to specific KPIs. 

We are a flexible business, so we can be as involved in your strategy as you like. Our mindset is to flex our tactics to suit your needs. We can advise on ESG policy, overall sustainability strategy, or take a lighter touch. 

Our bespoke approaches might cover the deepest, fullest creation of a bespoke ESG strategy, advising on how you interpret and action a strategy previously created across the value chain. 

In either scenario, we will bring passion and purpose; making certain your strategy aligns with business objectives, alongside people and planet.

Because we work across every stage of corporate and asset based ESG strategies, we have the detail on viability and the smartest steps to delivery. We know our strategies will implement success and we can guide you by the hand throughout this challenging process.

We are a business, and we know the many considerations that go into running a successful business, from budget, to governance, reputation and culture. We use this experience to assess all areas of your company, ensuring that what we propose takes into account all considerations.

ESG Strategy & Advisory

Strong ESG strategies based on solid data create corporate resilience, and add value, because you can effectively compare and communicate the positive benefits you deliver. A future proofed strategic outlook is among the most underappreciated ways to generate commercial value.

The benefits:

  • We will help you access discounted funding
  • We will help you attract new investment opportunities
  • We will offer options to procure better quality supply chain partners and clients
  • We will build scope to increase asset demand, rents and values
  • We will reduce asset risk 
  • We will clearly demonstrate regulatory compliance and positive impacts

Our services:

  • ESG integration
    Embedding ESG considerations into your business strategy. 
  • Goal setting and target development
    Supporting you in setting meaningful & measurable goals, in relation to ESG and your business objectives.
  • Materiality assessment
    Bespoke to your business objectives and stakeholders, we conduct material assessments of your risk and opportunities and help you prioritise. 
  • Stakeholder engagement
    Developing trust and communication across your organisation, through engaging with stakeholders to understand their ESG requirements and expectations.
  • Risk management
    Identifying and mitigating risks to your business, from climate-related risks to reputational risks, and supporting you to overcome these.
  • Performance measurement & reporting
    Putting qualitative and quantitative data at the heart of your success, we develop KPIs and gather data to ensure that you are on track in achieving your ESG goals.
  • ESG strategy and advisory
    Within ESG strategy and advisory we not only incorporate internal requirements and objectives, but we also remain up to date and responsive to policy and regulations that may impact the business in regard to ESG in the future.

Policy & Regulation

Policy and regulation are fast paced and ever-evolving. Keeping up to speed whilst aligning your business goals is challenging. We can work with you to overcome any obstacles, using detailed industry information and top-level guidance.

The benefits include:

  • Minimise any risk from regulatory change to your business
  • Benefit from trusted support on adapting to requirements

Our services:

  • Policy Analysis
    Ensure you stay informed on the policy landscape in relation to ESG, with tips on successfully navigating the hurdles.
  • Compliance Assessment
    Keep your risk profile low, using gap analysis to assess where your company is in relation to current ESG policies, plus advice on how to improve.
  • Stakeholder engagement
    We help you understand expectations, facilitate engagement with relevant stakeholders (governing bodies, industry associations and regulatory agencies), and contribute to shaping the future landscape.
  • Advocacy and representation
    We help shape regulation to ensure they are practically aligned, and reflect what is going on within the market. Using our expertise and thought leadership we craft the development of ongoing ESG guidelines and standards.
  • Regulatory reporting
    We keep you compliant, by preparing and submitting regulatory reports and submissions.
  • Regulatory Compliance training
    We share our knowledge with you, and host regular workshops so you can learn everything we know surrounding policy and regulation, and begin to apply it yourself.
  • Impact assessment
    We keep you well informed on the impact of proposed regulatory changes on your business.

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ESG Strategy

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