Case Study

Wain Homes ESG Strategy for Innovative House Building

Wain Homes mission is to create places their customers and colleagues can be proud of. 

To continue to underpin this mission with strategy and action, Wain Homes appointed LifeProven to develop their Corporate ESG Strategy; acting as a robust framework to capture the amazing ESG benefits they already deliver alongside a strategy to integrate new designs, initiatives and commitments over the next 2 years. 

As a House Builder, Wain Homes are members of the Next Generation Sustainability Benchmark (NGSB); which is a publicly available platform to assess and score the sustainability performance of the UK’s biggest house builders.

The ESG Strategy was strategically aligned to the NGSB structure, ensuring the ESG benefits Wain Homes deliver are communicated for the NGSB platform to assess and score for the highest possible ranking to reflect the amazing work being done by Wain Homes. 

LifeProven will continue to support Wain Homes ESG activities overtime, providing data capture, measurement and reporting guidance to help extract, identify, leverage and communicate their considerable people and planet benefits. 

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Wain Homes
Corporate ESG Strategy

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