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December 15, 2023

LifeProven ESG Property Company Promotes Sofi Zickerman White to Associate Director

ESG Consultancy

LifeProven ESG Property Company Elevates Sofi Zickerman White to Associate Director, Recognising Her Outstanding Leadership in ESG Innovation

LifeProven ESG Property Company, a multi-award-winning real estate advisory firm, proudly announces the elevation of Sofi Zickerman White to the role of Associate Director. Since joining the firm in June 2023, Sofi has not only demonstrated a remarkable level of industry expertise but also showcased an entrepreneurial spirit that has set her apart. From her initial role as a Project Lead, Sofi has now taken charge of leading the ESG Delivery Team, symbolising a new era of leadership within the company.

“Making an impact has always been at the forefront of both my professional and personal ambitions. LifeProven has allowed and trusted me to push beyond my boundaries and this definitely feels like a step in the right direction to continue driving towards my goals,” said Sofi.

Sofi's promotion is a reflection of her exceptional qualities— hardworking, inspiring, and possesses a depth of experience that belies her years. Her innovative approach to ESG solutions has not only garnered the admiration of her peers but has also earned the respect and trust of industry leading clients. Sofi is undeniably the future of the industry, poised to drive it forward for many years to come.

Sofi commented, “I have always been extremely passionate about finding solutions for global complex challenges in an unpredictable world. Today we are faced with a challenging race to net zero, unequal resource distribution, loss of biodiversity and increases in health issues. COP28 really highlighted the need for leaders and investors with the power and finance to make a difference to make the right decisions. I am excited to help them do that in support of a just transition for all.‍”

Sofi's story is a testament to the company's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where individuals can thrive and contribute meaningfully. As she steps into the role of Associate Director, Sofi not only takes on new responsibilities but also becomes a source of inspiration for aspiring leaders inside and outside the business.


Sofi's journey within LifeProven ESG Property exemplifies the spirit of our organisation—innovative, forward-thinking, and committed to excellence. “We are proud to recognise her achievements and the positive impact she has had on both our team and the industry as a whole,” stated Co-Founders Jordan Relfe and Adam Hinds.