ESG Technical Services

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Our bespoke technical services offer a thorough review across all your assets, lending you confidence and peace of mind. We’re passionate and holistic, so we use technical information wisely to support areas for improvement, making your asset the best it can be for the budget.

ESG Technical Services

Technical net zero pathways

When things get technical, they can get challenging; but LifeProven makes success simple, straightforward and satisfying. Our technical services comprehensively underpin ESG strategies and the associated pathways to decarbonising

We only use assured, third-party verification methodologies and frameworks across elements like whole life carbon assessment. We invariably travel the extra mile; ensuring your green successes will be recognised and benchmarked across the industry. 

Our approach helps build a level playing field, where the sector as a whole accelerates its impact on carbon emissions, and where the best performers receive the green accolades and the profits they deserve. 

Our bespoke technical services offer a thorough review across all your assets, lending you confidence and peace of mind. We’re passionate and holistic, so we use technical information wisely to support areas for improvement, making your asset the best it can be for the budget.


Accreditations and Certifications like leed certification are both the proof and the purpose of your sustainability efforts. We will work with you through every step, guiding you towards ESG certifications that align with your goals, harmonising your sustainable commitment to ESG principles.

The benefits:

  • We will provide third-party verification across every sustainability success
  • We will offer holistic processes capturing each and every piece of data
  • We will uncover opportunities for benchmarking across industry competitors
  • We will harness detailed technical guidance for improving building performance

Our growing list of technical services includes:

  • LEED
  • WELL Building Standard
  • Fitwel
  • ISO Certifications
    In particular ISO certifications related to environmental management (ISO 14001), energy management (ISO 50001), or other relevant ISO standards

Whole Life Carbon Assessment

Whole Life Carbon assessment creates a holistic snapshot of your carbon footprint. It is a methodology commonly used in real estate, to both evaluate and quantify the carbon emissions associated with a building or infrastructure project throughout its entire life cycle. 

The benefits:

  • We will offer a comprehensive and clear data set to analyse, interpret and apply for improvements
  • We will improve your ability to make faster, more meaningful and more sustainable decisions on reducing carbon emissions

Core components:

  • Data Collection
  • Calculation
  • Comparison and analysis
  • Recommendation
  • Reporting

We will complete the entire Whole Life Carbon assessment for you, in line with both RICS and GLA standards. 

Net-Zero Transition

A net zero transition assessment comprehensively evaluates a building or real estate portfolio's readiness, and indeed potential for achieving net zero carbon emissions. With net zero 2050 hastening, such assessments are every more crucial, both to reducing carbon footprint and even aligning sustainability goals.

The benefits:

  • We will deliver a truly comprehensive understanding of your carbon emissions, and potential pathways to net zero
  • We will provide a holistic set of opportunities for improvement across environment and cashflow
  • We will create a visualised, functional roadmap for achieving net zero carbon emissions at pace and scale upfront, embodied and operational

A typical net zero transition process cradle to gate:

  • Energy Performance Evaluation
    Analyse energy consumption and carbon emissions, identifying the primary sources of emissions.
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis
    Quantify the carbon footprint of the building or portfolio, accounting for both operational and embodied carbon emissions. 
  • Gap Analysis
    Identify any gaps between current energy performance and desired net zero carbon emissions.
  • Technology and System Assessment
    Review existing technology and building systems, identifying opportunities for improvement plus potential technologies to support the net zero transition. 
  • Financial Analysis
    Evaluate the costs, benefits, and return on investment of transitioning to net zero.
  • Roadmap Development
    Develop a net zero transition road map, outlining the steps, strategies, and timeline required.
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    Establish a monitoring and reporting framework to track progress towards net zero carbon targets.

EPC Rating

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document providing information on a property’s energy efficiency. It is a legal requirement, and there are minimum standards to maintain and improve.

Given our CIBSE accreditation, we are able to provide additional value to our clients in this space.

Often, the minimum EPC generated for a property doesn’t match its real world performance, missing valuable data and valuable potential for improvements. We can conduct a far more comprehensive EPC assessment, uncovering potential risks and benefits, while ensuring the correct rating is applied.

The benefits:

  • We will help you understand long term regulatory building compliance as regulations change
  • We will negotiate stridently on asset value, based on true risk
  • We will deliver truly accurate costings for EPC associated building enhancements

For more information on EPCs please visit: .gov website

Energy Modelling

Our energy modelling services assess, in detail, the energy performance of an asset. We apply advanced software to the task, simulating and analysing energy consumption, efficiency, and sustainability. 

In this way, we can carefully test different scenarios, uncovering the most effective solutions for a more sustainable building, all the while keeping costs as low as possible.

The benefits:

  • We will create transparent and accurate building modelling for the very best outcomes.
  • We will use our ability to benchmark different scenarios, seeking the most effective and budget-efficient solution.
  • We will ensure buildings comply with energy codes, and find the right guidance to improve those that don’t.

Services include:

  • Energy performance modelling
    Using a digital twin of the asset, we test semi-fixed variables such as materials and HVAC systems, against variables in occupancy patterns and weather data to estimate energy consumption. 
  • Energy efficiency analysis
    Various design and operational parameters affect the energy efficiency of an asset. We evaluate different scenarios from exterior to interior, identifying opportunities for optimisation.
  • Energy code compliance
    We assess whether buildings comply with codes and regulations, providing recommendations that help you either meet or exceed requirements.
  • Building energy simulation
    Through simulation software, we predict the energy consumption, peak loads and operational costs of a building, then model different scenarios to optimise energy performance.
  • Renewable energy integration
    We assess the feasibility and impact of integrating renewable energy systems into an asset, its performance, its cost and the likely future impacts.

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ESG Technical Services

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