Unlocking New Investment Opportunities on Blockchain: An Insight into Fractional Ownership and Tokenization

Season 2, Episode 4 – with Michelle de Havilland & Punit Thacker, Black Gate & Fracxn

Michelle de Havilland:

Michelle de Havilland, founded Black Gate in June 2016, a consultancy offering marketing advice and brokerage services tailored to clients seeking global real estate acquisitions and sales with a keen eye on commercial viability.

Michelle's professional journey commenced as a Management Consultant, leading groundbreaking research into the impact of wireless technology on the built environment. Transitioning into Architecture & Real Estate Marketing, her focus expanded to encompass the profound influence of built spaces on communities. Her emphasis on crafting spaces that foster well-being, collaboration, and connectivity, integrating technology, has left an indelible mark on some of the globe's most iconic structures.

Her illustrious career spans influential roles at esteemed organisations such as HOK, Woods Bagot, Manhattan Loft Corporation, Xchanging, Land Securities, Dalian Wanda, YOO, Sellar Property Group, and most recently, as the dynamic Managing Director of Sotheby's Realty in the United Kingdom.

Michelle's legacy is etched in over 50 significant architectural projects worldwide. Notable among these are The Shard, The Walkie Talkie, One Nine Elms, Manhattan Loft Gardens, and the redevelopment of Victoria in London. Her portfolio extends globally, including pioneering the first branded residences in Hong Kong and the Philippines, shaping five residential developments in India, overseeing seven in the USA, orchestrating ten hotels in Brazil, and contributing to the visionary Nakheel Tower in Dubai.

Punit Thakker:

Punit is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor passionate about building web3, Blockchain and Fintech ecosystems with over 15 years worth of experience in the field of digital payments.  As an early PayPal employee, Punit played a significant role in the company's formative years in India. His journey in the fintech space is vast, having been involved in the founding teams of other financial platforms such as Checkout and Teller. 

Punit's expertise isn't limited to just financial applications; he's also a crypto adopter with a passion for leveraging blockchain technology to create innovative solutions in tokenization and fractional ownership. His ventures in this space include the creation of a Web3 bank, as well as Fracxn, a platform focused on the tokenization of real-world assets. His vision extends beyond real estate, as he sees the potential for tokenization in a multitude of assets such as art, carbon credits, and even sports. Punit's work with Fracxn aims to democratise investment opportunities by enabling individuals to invest in fractionalised assets with as little as one cent.

Black Gate & Fracxn

Black Gate & Fracxn's tokenization of Real Estate/ Property investments is leading the sector's future trading. Real estate is notoriously slow when it comes to innovation or technological adoption. But every iteration of change has seen the real estate sector provide a better service to its investors and clients; improve investment margins; and manage risk more accurately. Our block chain has over 45 SMART contracts embedded, streamlining the client KYC/AML onboarding process, and providing a transparent digital ledger to manage all assets and investments. Tokenization is not the future, Tokenization is now...

Episode summary:

Picture yourself owning a slice of an iconic building in a major city, or perhaps a piece of a masterpiece by a renowned artist. Journey with us as Michelle de Havilland, a pioneer in traditional property development and blockchain-enabled real estate solutions and Punuit Thakker, a seasoned fintech expert and early PayPal employee, delve into this new era of fractional ownership and tokenization.

Get a glimpse of how technology can unlock the doors of elite markets, making them accessible to everyone. With insights from the experts at Black Gate, powered by Fracxn we uncover the transformative potential of tokenization and fractionalisation not just in real estate but also in art, sports, and more. Don't miss out on the discussion on shared ownership and how these digital advancements could help businesses offset their carbon footprints efficiently.

As we wrap up our conversation with Michelle and Punit, we delve into the future of real estate investment and the innovative approach of Black Gate. We talk about the promise of global markets, bypassing traditional banking, and the thrilling world of carbon banking. 

We also discuss the role of ESG and how the tokenization of real estate and carbon credits can create a more accessible and transparent industry. So, join us and discover how you can be a part of this evolution.

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December 21, 2023
Lifeproven ESG Property Company