Stakeholder Led Commercial Real Estate Development: Tyler Goodwin on Revitalising Iconic Buildings for the Future Workplace

Season 2 Episode 9 - Tyler Goodwin. CEO and founder, Seaforth Land

Join us on the ESG in Property Podcast for a fascinating new episode featuring Tyler Goodwin, CEO and founder of Seaforth Land. 

This episode explores Tyler's comprehensive experience in the real estate sector, tracing his journey from a London construction site to global development ventures in Hong Kong, Vancouver and London. 

(14:56) Trends in Experiential Real Estate Renovation

We deep dive into experiential real estate through projects such as, 8 Bleeding Heart Yard, Julius Baer's new Farringdon headquarters. We discuss the sustainability of repurposing buildings, the aesthetic of natural materials like exposed concrete and terracotta, and the cultural shift towards environmental appreciation influencing real estate, illustrated by the vintage clothing trend. We also cover the renovation of a listed mid-century building in Covent Garden, called Space House, marrying historical preservation with modern needs. 

(20:47) Office Space Sustainability and Hybrid Working

Exploring recent shifts in the office market, Tyler addresses the rise of hybrid working and its effects on office demand. The redesign of spaces to promote collaboration and unique experiences aiming to draw employees back is discussed, alongside the importance of sustainable design and certifications. It stresses the need for clear communication of sustainable asset benefits to tenants, underlining the environmental impact.

(32:49) Sustainable Property Management Strategies

Focusing on environmental stewardship and technology in property management, Tyler argues that sustainable practices can boost investment resilience and asset value, using the sale of Bleeding Heart Yard as an example, despite market challenges.

(46:40) Governance, Strategy, and Property Market Future

Discussing governance and business alignment, we examine the impact of FCA regulation, carried interest programs, and daily business successes. Tyler differentiates between legacy and lifestyle companies, the strategic setup of advisory boards, transparent management systems and the governance-focused ecosystem. The future property market, particularly office to residential conversions and proactive government engagement, is also considered.

(52:29) Addressing the Housing Crisis and 'Generation Rent'

We address the pressing issues in the housing market, such as the challenges posed by 'generation rent', escalating rents, and the stalled residential developments in London. Tyler discusses potential solutions like the conversion of vacant office buildings into residential units, highlighting the need for affordable housing for younger generations. 

About Tyler Goodwin

Tyler is the Founder and CEO of Seaforth Land. He has 30 years of global real estate experience, including 20 years in Asia working through both the Asian Financial Crisis and the Global Financial Crisis. Tyler has worked in property development, advisory, investment banking, principal investment, and investment management and has lived and worked in North America, Asia and Europe. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of sovereign and institutional real estate investors.

Most recently Tyler was the CEO of Lodha UK. Lodha UK was awarded Deal of the Year for their acquisition of One Grosvenor Square at the Property Week Resi Awards 2014. That same year Tyler was ranked #35 in the “Estates Gazette 2014 Power List 50” as one of the 50 most influential people in the UK property industry.

Prior to Lodha, Tyler led as Managing Director at JPMorgan in Hong Kong, focusing on investment strategies for Asia's major investors. He also invested in real estate at Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan and served on influential committees, including the Urban Land Institute's North Asia Executive Committee. 

About Seaforth Land

Seaforth Land, established in 2015, is an award-winning real estate investor and developer in Central London, specialising in serving institutional and private clients. Renowned for its commitment to ESG principles, the firm excels in creating experiential, sustainable spaces. Notably, it achieved a record sale with 8 Bleeding Heart Yard and is leading the development of Space House into a pioneering Net-Zero office building. Seaforth prides itself on its fiduciary culture, emphasising integrity and performance to meet the high standards of its clients.

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April 10, 2024
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