The Race to Net Zero: How property can win financially & environmentally through zero capital solar energy installations

Episode 34 - with Scott Burrows from Eden Sustainable.

A bit about Eden Sustainable:

Eden Sustainable are solar rooftop experts providing market leading solutions to save your organisation money and carbon. Providing zero capital solutions reducing your electricity rates by up to 35%. Eden Sustainable is one of the UK’s leading specialists in commercial solar, providing renewable energy, energy efficiency, storage and electric vehicle infrastructure solutions. Eden Sustainable develops, constructs, funds and operates solar PV across various sectors which include multi-nationals, multi-academy trusts, schools and SMEs.  The core team has over 100 years’ collective experience in renewable energy and property.

A bit about Scott:

Scott is a renewables entrepreneur and co-founder of Eden Sustainable. His career in renewables started in 2001 and he has a broad experience base providing renewable energy solutions across all aspects of the asset journey.  In addition to the financing and trading of portfolios, Scott heads up strategic relationships with funds and key corporates.  He is often found presenting at industry conferences, is a Trustee of Protect Our Winters UK, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Today we talk about:

  • Eden Sustainable founding
  • The vast benefits of solar power
  • Zero Capital Solution - “You receive reduced price electrcitiy (up to 35% lower than your current unit rate)for up to 25 years. Eden Sustainable leases your roof space, and receives the revenue from selling you electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Sleeving - “In a sleeved PPA, an intermediary utility company handles the transfer of money and energy to and from a renewable energy (RE) project on behalf of the buyer. The utility takes the energy directly from the RE project and “sleeves” it to the buyer at its point of intake, for a fee. If the purchased renewable energy isn’t enough to meet the buyer’s energy needs, the utility is also responsible for supplying the additional power required.”
  • Scott’s Thoughts on The Future of the Industry
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March 22, 2022
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