Grey to Green: How urban farming is transforming real estate; & how you can benefit

Episode 33 - with Hamish Grant from Square Mile Farms.

Hamish is the Chief Growth Officer from Square Mile Farms - who empower healthier and more sustainable lives through vertical farm installations in offices and urban environments.

A bit about Square Mile Farms:

We create beautiful spaces that enrich the lives of city dwellers, providing them the incredible physical and mental wellbeing benefits of plants and whilst promoting a more sustainable agricultural system. We do this by integrating vertical farms into the home and the workplace and creating unique engagement experiences through events and farm participation. We believe change starts with the individual and we want to create a new culture of conscientious consumers who are committed to taking small actions so that together we can transform our cities from grey to green.

A fascinating podcast episode exploring:

  • Obvious and not so obvious benefits of urban farming for landlords, developers and occupiers
  • Food security and rising cost of living
  • Sustainability benefits
  • Community interaction
  • Positive food relationships
  • Technical design and installation information

Hamish was a brilliant guest - highly recommend listening to learn about urban farming and how you can leverage the benefits in any building.

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March 8, 2022
Lifeproven ESG Property Company