Energising Real Estate: Innovations, Legislation, and the Race to Net Zero with Jonathan Cohen, Head of Energy at Howard Kennedy

Season 2 Episode 12 - New Business Models in Renewable Energy and Property Development with Jonathan Cohen of Howard Kennedy


Join us as we welcome Jonathan Cohen, an industry-leading energy solicitor and Head of Energy at Howard Kennedy. In this episode, Jonathan delves into the interconnection between property and energy within the realms of sustainability and ESG. He discusses the burgeoning interest in innovative business models that integrate renewable energy technologies, such as solar PV and battery storage, into property development.

Jonathan highlights the commercial imperatives driving developers towards sustainable development, incorporating advanced energy schemes into their projects. He also underscores the importance of social impact and social value in real estate development, noting how these considerations can attract tenants, boost community engagement, and enhance long-term value creation.

Explore with us the future of the energy market as Jonathan envisions a clean, affordable, and secure energy system with an emphasis on responsible supply chains. Discover how legislative imperatives and the commercial allure of green technology are catalysing a profound shift towards sustainable development. We also examine how the legal expertise and services provided by Howard Kennedy are facilitating this eco-conscious transition at every stage of the energy project lifecycle.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Evolving Real Estate Landscape: Jonathan provides a snapshot of how the property development sector is increasingly intertwining with energy considerations, revealing new commercial opportunities such as revenue-sharing from EV charging points and solar photovoltaics.

2. The Challenge of Navigating Sustainable Value: Developers must balance immediate sustainability measures with the adaptability for future technological advancements to maintain relevance and value in their projects.

3. Financing and Technology Synergy: We explore how sustainable practices are becoming a prerequisite for funding, with financial backers requiring concrete actions for sustainability as part of investment conditions.

4. Energy Storage and Community Impact: The rise of large-scale battery storage facilities presents a new frontier for energy efficiency, and community engagement is highlighted as a crucial element in enhancing social impact and financial returns.

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June 13, 2024
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