Delivering space and places through people-first design with Steve Davis of Grantside

Season 2 Episode 13 - Delivering space and places through people-first design with Steve Davis of Grantside


In this episode, we sit down with Steve Davis, CEO and founder of Grantside, to explore his journey from construction sites to pioneering sustainable and socially conscious property development. Steve shares how his mountaineering adventures have inspired his commitment to eco-friendly and people-centric buildings. We discuss the impact of climate change on his work, the philosophy behind people-centric design, and the integration of nature in urban developments. Steve also highlights the importance of trust, transparency, and engaging with occupants to create adaptable, sustainable spaces.

Guest Introduction:

Steve Davis is the founder and CEO of Grantside, a leading property developer and investor in the UK. With nearly 30 years of experience, Steve has overseen the development of over 2 million sq ft of commercial, logistics, and residential properties. A respected figure in the UK development and construction industry, Steve drives innovation and provides a guiding hand to each project, bringing together a team of experts to deliver unique and exceptional spaces.

Key Topics Discussed:

Impact of Climate Change on Property Development: Steve discusses how his experiences as a high-altitude mountain climber, witnessing the effects of climate change firsthand, have influenced his commitment to developing sustainable and environmentally conscious properties, with a goal to build only Zero Carbon properties by 2030.

People-Centric Design: We explore the philosophy behind creating spaces that blend community and personal sanctuary. Steve shares insights on the "Hive" co-living development and the strategy of designing buildings around the lifestyles of their residents, aiming to nurture wellbeing through exceptional design, specification, and technology.

Integrating Nature in Urban Landscapes: Steve highlights the importance of incorporating natural elements into urban developments, such as rooftop gardens and beehives, to promote sustainability and enhance residents' quality of life.

Sustainable Commercial Development: The conversation extends to commercial real estate, where Steve explains how sustainability can be achieved without compromising on functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that each project supports the environment and the community.

Trust, Transparency, and Engagement: Steve underscores the importance of building trust and maintaining transparency with occupants, and how engaging with them can lead to better, more adaptable, and sustainable buildings.

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June 27, 2024
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