Charting the Future of Real Estate: Climate Change, Decarbonization, and the Revolutionary CRREM Initiative with Professor Sven Bienert

Season 2, Episode 8 - Professor Dr. Sven Bienert

Join us on the ESG in Property Podcast for a fascinating new episode featuring Professor Dr. Sven Bienert, a world-renowned expert on climate change solutions within the real estate sector. 

In this episode, we deep dive into Dr. Bienert's work and its impact on the industry. From academic insights to practical tools, like the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) initiative. Sven provides different strategies to manage climate risks and push for sustainability in real estate:

Chapter 1: Climate Risk Analysis Tool Creation (00:06)

We discuss Sven's unique integration of academic research and commercial real estate, particularly his focus on climate risk and sustainability within the industry. Sven shares insights into his journey, from valuation and real estate finance to the creation of groundbreaking tools, like CRREM, that addresses the risks of both physical climate and transition for properties. 

Chapter 2: Standardising Climate Risk Assessment and Decarbonisation (16:10)

Explore the challenge of inconsistent climate risk assessment tools in the commercial sector and the emergence of the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM). This EU-funded tool revolutionises how properties are benchmarked against decarbonisation targets, showing its critical role in standardising environmental performance appraisals.

Chapter 3: Decarbonisation Efforts in Real Estate (27:15)

Uncover the growing trend of decarbonisation in the market, driven by demand from investors, banks, and the finance sector, in using tools like the CRREM to decarbonise their collateral, including single-family homes. Learn about the CRREM tool's strategic application in operational decarbonisation and its potential to become a global standard for assessing embodied carbon. 

Chapter 4: Life Cycle Management in Real Estate (35:59)

Discover the practical applications of the CRREM tool in real estate throughout different stages of a property's life cycle, from pre-acquisition analysis to operational management and eventual asset sale. Understand the benefits of energy modelling, the importance of regular performance assessments, and how CRREM analysis can enhance asset value and influence investment decisions. We highlight the importance of a whole building approach to decarbonisation, addressing both landlord and tenant responsibilities, and the integration of CRREM into long-term CAPEX planning through partnerships with various software providers.

Whether you're an investor, a manager, or simply intrigued by the future of real estate and sustainability, this episode offers a comprehensive understanding of how the sector is confronting the challenges of climate change head-on.

About Dr Sven Bienert

Professor Dr Sven Bienert, MRICS REV, is a trailblazer in real estate and climate change, boasting an impressive career that spans academic research, authorship, and advisory work in sustainability. He is currently the head of the real estate department IREBS at the University of Regensburg. With a background in real estate finance and valuation, Professor Bienert has pioneered the integration of climate risk analysis into the real estate sector, creating tools like the CRREM research project that have become pivotal in industry practices. He has also worked as a consultant and CEO of an asset manager with over €2bn under management.

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March 27, 2024
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