LifeProven Research is the business arm which delivers the UK’s most innovative Academic Research projects specifically investigating the relationship and associations between the Built Environment and Occupant Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life over time


The LifeProven Research team conducts in-depth research both internally and externally on behalf of private and public sector clients. All research is led by LifeProven Data Scientist, Dr Brendon Stubbs

UK Student Wellbeing Campaign 2021

A national survey to measure the impact of COVID-19 on student Mental Health and Wellbeing. Join our campaign by completing the survey here

LifeProven Wellbeing Property Consultancy - Research Foundation

The scientific foundation LifeProven uses to guide and develop better homes for improved occupant Health, Wellbeing and Quality of Life over time

Horsham District Council - Data Science Led Estate Renewal

6-monthly Health and Wellbeing Audit of existing temporary accommodation to inform district wide regeneration strategy

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